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Drum Funnels, Spill Tray, Sumps


Global Funnel

with Hinged Cover

Securely fits nearly every 208L tighthead steel or polyethylene drum manufactured throughout the world.
Unique Zig-Zag channeled surface diffuses splashing.
Unique bottom design fits tightly on drums with varying diameters - no more wobbles or drips.
Level surfaces allow filters, paint cans, buckets and bottles to remain upright while draining passively.
Hinged Covers keeps dirt and unwanted materials out of your waste stream.  It's also lockable for secure drum management.

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Global Funnel

with Hinged Cover

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General Features

  • Bung Access Funnel - Convenient collection with or without Cover.
  • BurpFree Funnel - Built-In Vent, no more splash.
  • Global Funnel - Fits most 205L steel or poly drums.

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