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Spill Containment

Providing Solutions for Environmental and Personal Protection and Safety.

Pratt Safety Systems is proud to be the Australian distributor of a comprehensive range of spill containment, spill response and facilities protection products from Ultra-Tech International Inc. America's leading manufacturer and distributor of Spill Containment.

Where ever chemicals are being stored and handled it is essential that employers ensure all appropriate measures are in place for the containment of these chemicals in the event of an accidental spill or leak. All State authorities require businesses to comply with the relevant Regulations, Standards and Guidelines in relation to Spill Control.

The Ultra Tech range of Spill Containment products offer a comprehensive selection of solutions for potential spill or leakage hazards with a selection of high quality and competitive priced products.

Features Include:

  • Quality of Materials

    All products molded from 100% polyethylene plastic material which offers excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals.

  • Quality of Strength

    Most Ultra Tech products are performance tested and provide a UDL (Uniform Distributed Load) rating. Not all manufacturers offer this level of strength performance specifications.

  • Compliance Proven

    Most products meet a range of stringent USA regulations - SPCC, EPA Container Storage Regulations 40 CFR 264.175 and UFC Spill Containment Regulations, which exceeds any Australian requirements for spill containment.

  • Safety Yellow

    All yellow coloured polyethylene products are made from virgin grade materials for added strength, chemical resistance, long life durability and are easily recognisable.

  • Slip Resistant

    All polyethylene grates incorporate slip resistant, "Diamond Plate" surface design.

  • ECO Smart

    Many Ultra Tech products are also Eco-Smart.

  • Eco Friendly

    Made with up to 100% of recycled resin for environmentally smart and friendly production.

  • Eco-Nomical

    Made with a cost effective method and recycled material for smart savings.

  • Eco-Logical

    Certain load bearing spill containment products may not be safe when using 100% resins. By logically blending the smart amount of virgin resin with recycled resin, Ultra Tech products offer maximum safety, structural integrity and long life that cannot be achieved by 100% recycled blends.