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Complete Shower & Eye Wash Test Kit comprises of the following items:

  • 120L Yellow plastic Shower Test Bin which has been fitted with a clear plastic sight gauge and capacity indication for every 5 litres. Also included is a drainage valve. (This enables the testing of flow rates or weekly flushing for the safety shower when used in conjunction with the Shower Test Sock).
  • Shower Test Sock featuring soft nylon sock material and aluminium frame and handle. (Used in conjunction with the Shower Test Bin for either weekly flushing or annual flow test).
  • Shower Pattern Test Frame which is a floor mounted stand made of collapsible aluminium tubing. This measures for the correct flushing fluid pattern of the safety shower. The Shower Test Sock can also be mounted to this stand, to provide hands free flushing or testing of the safety shower when used in conjunction with the Shower Test Bin.
  • Clear plastic Eyewash Test Pattern Gauge with engraved markings and instructions. This measures the correct flushing fluid pattern of the eye wash equipment.
  • Laminated master copy of the Pratt Safety Shower and Eyewash Check List. Includes recommended weekly check list on one side and annual check list on the other side. Use the master check list to make further copies for recording test results for all emergency safety shower and eyewash equipment.
  • PVC Document Holder with zip to store the Check Lists and Eyewash Test Gauge.
  • Eyewash Aerator Removal Key. Made of stainless steel and has been especially designed to enable the removal of the Eyewash Aerator retaining cap.
  • Packet of ten Safety Shower and Eyewash Test Tags. Part No. SETESTTAG – new waterproof  material. Use waterproof marker pen to record details. To be attached to the emergency equipment to show record of testing dates.
  • 20 lt Plastic Bucket with lid to use as alternative receptacle for shower testing in conjunction with Shower Test Sock.
  • 10 lt Plastic Tray with lid to use as low profile receptacle for flushing and testing of Safety Eyewash.
  • 1.5m length of 38mm ID Flexible Plastic Hose for draining of eyewash into plastic tray.
  • All of the above components of the Test Kit can be stored within the Test Bin ready for the next programmed flushing or testing.
Australian Standard:
AS4775 * 3

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Complete Shower & Eye Wash Test Kit comprises of the following items:

Australian Standard:
AS4775 * 3
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General Features

  • Bowl, manifold, handle assembly, wall bracket, drain connector, pedestal and treadle assembly made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Stay open ball valve made of 316 stainless steel.
  • Aerostream eye wash nozzles including aerators and dust caps. Made of AES yellow plastic.
  • Individual flow control adjustment for each nozzle.

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