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Water Preservative Solution

Adding Water Additive to eyewash to protect against bacteria, fungus, algae, and other micro-organisms.
One bottle preserves between 23-75 litres of water for up to four months.

*Sold in box of 4 bottles

Dimension (mm):
Capacity - 236ml

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Water Preservative Solution

Dimension (mm):
Capacity - 236ml
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General Features

  • Models SE50P and 5132 are classified as Supplemental Equipment in accordance with AS4775. Supplemental Equipment shall provide immediate flushing to support plumbed or self-contained equipment but shall not replace them.
  • Model SE4050 is classified as a Self-Contained Eye Wash Station in accordance with AS4775.

Australian Standard Compliance

Pratt Safety Systems has maintained a reputation, for over 40 years, for providing a range of high quality Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations which comply to Australian Standards AS 4775.

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