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Gas Cylinder Storage Cages

Ideal for storing tall sized cylinders, forklift cylinders and aerosols.

Pratt Safety Systems are pleased to introduce a new series of Gas Cylinder Storage Cages to compliment our product range.

These Gas Cylinder Storage Cages, provide a secure enclosure for cylinder storage at an economical price whilst complying with AS/NZS 1596 and AS4332.

They are suitable for storing High Pressure cylinders used for welding etc, LPG cylinders used for heating appliances etc, and the smaller Fork Lift cylinders.

There are also 3 model sizes of cages for safe storing of aerosol containers.

Features Include:

  • All cages have 4 steel open mesh sides

    To allow any leaking gas to dissipate to atmosphere.

  • Yellow powder coated steel construction

    Suitable for outdoor environments.

  • Welded steel mesh

    All wall panels and doors are made of welded steel mesh within a sturdy steel frame for added strength.

  • Restraining chains

    To prevent cylinders from falling.

  • Available in a range of configurations

    Suitable for tall and short sized cylinders and forklift cylinders. Now introducing cages for storing aerosol cans.

  • All cages constructed of strong steel.

  • Facility to padlock door

    For restricted access.

  • Raised support legs with pre drilled hole

    For permanently fixing to ground.

  • Can be lifted by forklift

    Capable of being lifted by forklift for relocation if required. Note – only when cage is empty of cylinders.

  • Supplied fully assembled

    For immediate installation and use.

  • Includes appropriate safety signs.

  • Magnetic door catches.